Online Backup

Britecloud Online BackupWhether for regulatory compliance or simple peace of mind, we offer a secure online backup service for Canadian business that never forgets to change tapes or bring back the offsite copies. Britecloud online backup agent will always notify you about the status of your backup.

Our secure Canadian online backup always keeps your data in Canada!

How our online backup service works

Once your account is created with us, a simple backup software agent is installed on your targeted servers/computers and we help you set a schedule to perform a secure online data backup.

The online backup schedule can be set as infrequently as every month and as often as every 15 minutes.  Your data is first compressed and protected locally using a military-grade AES 256 encryption and then sent through your internet connection to our Canadian backup storage servers.

In the event that you need to recover data, you simply download the data that needs to be recovering from the storage server and use your unique password to de-crypt your information.   We also offer the option of making a local copy to make recovery even faster! The combination of local storage with our Canadian online backup gives you the speed and convenience of a quick restore with the enhanced protection of an offsite copy.

Our backup software agent encrypts and compresses your information before it leaves your computer. Only the changes made since the last backup are sent to our Canadian backup servers. This process keeps the security high while reducing cost and minimizing the data transmission over your internet connection.

Britecloud Online Backup solution has it all

Access your data backup easily via our web access Easy Data Access via Website Access your online backup data easily via our software agent Easy Data Access via Software
You don't pay to backup more computers Free for Additional Computers Our online backup solution support Windows OS Windows OS Support
Free Microsoft Exchange Support Free Microsoft SQL Support
Free Oracle Database Support With your local backup you can restore your backup data fast Quick Restore from Local Storage
Encrypted and secured online backup 256bit AES Military Encryption Free Automatic Deduplication to Reduce Storage Cost
Scheduled online backup Automated Backup Granular Schedule Configuration
Backup data stored in Canadian servers All Data stays in Canada Our online backup system up time reach 99.9% 99.9% System Availability Guarantee

Always Canadian

We can offer our clients that operate in speciality fields (law firms, medical clinics and any publicly listed company) secure backups that stay only within Canada.  Since your data never goes to a company in the USA, you are not bound by the Patriot Act.

Why Britecloud Online Backup?

There are many reasons why Britecloud Online Backup is better than the other options out there. Ask yourself these questions when comparing online backup services:

  • Who can access my unencrypted data?

    The only way to access your data once it has been encrypted is with the passphrase you entered when creating the backup. The encryption happens BEFORE THE DATA LEAVES YOUR COMPUTER so we NEVER have access to your important, confidential data. Even the local copy of your data is secured with encryption.

  • Does my data stay in Canada?

    Britecloud Online Backup is located in Canada and only in Canada. Our infrastructure providers are Canadian, our Primary datacenter is in Edmonton AB and we are Canadian.

  • Do I have the option to store a copy of my backup locally?

    Britecloud Online Backup gives you the option of backing up just to our Cloud, just to a local device or to both! Data can be restored without even using your internet connection.

  • How quickly and easily could I get my data in the event of an emergency?

    Because our primary datacenter is located within Western Canada we can typically get a full copy of your encrypted data to your Alberta location within 24 hours of you notifying us of your emergency. Extra charges may apply.

  • Do I pay extra for each device I backup?

    We don’t charge extra monthly fees for servers and you don’t pay a per computer monthly charge. Just pay for the total compressed space you use, it’s that simple.

What is AES 256 Encryption?

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was introduced in 2000 as an answer to a US Government request for a new encryption standard to replace the aging and limited strength Data Encryption Standard (DES). Today the US National Security Agency (NSA) and Communications Security Establishment Canada approve the use of “AES with 256-bit keys… to protect classified information at the TOP SECRET level.” TOP SECRET is the highest level of protection and is reserved for data that if publicly disclosed, would compromise national security.

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