The importance of backing up your data

In today’s world, computers have taken over paper and most business data is digital. That’s why businesses need to have a efficient and secure data backup solution. With a good data backup solution you can restore your data easily in case of a computer crash or network disaster.

The typical way of backing up your data was to use tape backups or external hard drives. These methods required human intervention to change tapes or hard drives and make sure the backup was done successfully. For added protection, someone in the company would have to take the physical backup media to an off site location for protection against fire or other large-scale disaster.

The disadvantage of this backup solution is that if the person responsible forgets to change the tapes or hard drives, this could mean no backup for that day. It is also an expensive solution when you consider the cost of hardware, media and the time to manage the backup daily. Also when you need to recover a file, you would need to wait for someone to bring back the tapes. That’s not very efficient!

Now, with the arrival of Cloud Services, a company can subscribe to a secure online backup service solution that will have better performance and more efficient! No more tapes or external drives to change and no more human intervention needed. Because your files are backed up on the Cloud, it is accessible from a secure web-based interface on any computer connected to the internet. This mean that if you want to restore a file there is no need to wait for someone to bring the tapes, you or the person in charge of your IT department can restore the file with a couple of clicks!

It’s up to you to choose which online backup services you want. The important thing is to find a solution that will cover what YOU need!

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