The advantages of our online backup solution

Here’s some of the advantages you get with our new Online Backup service.

Backup Encryption
Our backup software agent encrypts all your data before sending it to our online backup server. This ensures maximum security during the online upload process.

Incremental backups
Our backup solution only uploads changes that have occurred since the last backup operation. This gives you faster results with less bandwidth usage over your internet connection.

Backup Compression
Besides encryption, your data gets compressed by our backup solution. You can backup all of your data on less space that you currently use on your own systems, and save money on the storage costs.
Example: If you have 1 TB of data to backup, after the data compression you might just need 600MB on our online server to host your backup depending of the compression percentage result.

Local copy possible
Providing maximum control over your backup data, our software agent can create a local copy of your backup. This gives you the fastest results for data recovery time. It is also a protection against your internet connection problem that could occur.

Canadian services
Unlike other online backup solutions, since our backup servers are located in Canada (Alberta and Ontario) we can assure you that your data will stay in Canada.  This is an important factor for publicly traded entities, law firms, medical clinics, etc.

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